Tuesday, 15 February 2011

James Corden: I'm not going to go down the Ricky Gervais as Brut Awards at O2 Arena

James Corden said he will not try to replicate Ricky Gervais-style when they presented in London today (February 15) BRIT Awards in the army.

Previous month, Gervais as the host Golden Globes severe distress and anger, with a series of controversial joke inauguration ceremony.

According to the Daily Mirror he told, "I'm not going to go down the Ricky Gervais road because, well, you can't in that room, anyway - there's a big difference between the 02 and the dining room in the Beverly Hilton."

Basically, I want to host the Brits with as much warmth and sensitivity as possible. Fewer gags. Mostly I've been following guidance from the producers. They're encouraging a positive, upbeat, interesting show as opposed to anything particularly risque."

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