Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Group of Young musicians expected to perform at O2 arena

The Young musicians struggle that your tunes from across the county against singers and players are expected to pay attention.

Pianist and singer Chris Wilson, 18, of Overton Drive, Wanstead are against 60 other acts in Basildon live with his brother Michael Wilson on drums and unsigned boss Lawrie Lewis and friends on Saturday will fight against.

If they receive the next two rounds, they will have the opportunity to perform at the O2 arena in Greenwich.

Mr Wilson, who is a university student, said: “I'm feeling quite excited. We've been doing a lot of rehearsals and we're just hoping we can get through, because there's going to be a lot of talent there.”

The band plays in a wide range of styles, including the competition are funk, jazz and indie and the brothers have performed background music at Wanstead Golf Club and restaurants in the High Street.

Mr Wilson said, “We'd love to get through to the O2 arena. The competition is a good chance to get noticed, even if we don't win.”

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