Wednesday, 13 August 2008

O2 Arena Tickets

The O2 Arena is like a place from another planet when you first see it! This is a huge entertainment district which includes an indoor arena, a music club, cinema, exhibition space, bars and restaurants. All inside the former huge dome-shaped Millenium Dome, O2 Arena was designed for all kinds of different events! The O2 Arena used to be called the “Dome’s Canopy” and hosted the Millenium Experience, a huge event with an exhibition celebrating the third Millenium! Concerts at the O2 Arena are legendary, and tickets sell out very quickly, like those for the Leonard Cohen Tour or the Tina Turner Tour! You can not afford to miss any event or concert at the O2 Arena! Needless to say, O2 Arena tickets are often hard to come by, There are lot of tickets agent who sale o2 arena tickets out of them some famous ticket agent list are as follows:

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