Wednesday, 13 August 2008

O2 Arena - Development

The development took place in the form of new buildings being built inside the dome structure to make it appear as an entertainment city within the dome. The dome structure was not changed as part of the construction with the exception of blue lights being added to the support poles and plasma displays being added to some of the large sculptures around the dome. Construction started with the arena roof which was built on the ground and lifted as cranes could not be used in the dome structure. The construction then moved on to the arena building including the interior under the roof and the entertainment avenue around the arena building. A wide pathway between North Greenwich station and The O2 was also built as well as the Peninsula Square piazza in front of the dome structure for special events. A glass roof was also built over part of the pathway so that people can walk from the station to The O2 without getting wet in rain. A covered path was also built between the QE2 Pier and The O2's main entrance. Clarke were the electrical contractors. OR Consulting engineers set up a few interactive exhibitions within The O2. Keller Ground engineering prepared the ground for construction. Special ground preparation was necessary due to the contaminated soils from the industrial works which existed at the site before the dome. Catalytic converters were also installed within the dome to prevent toxic gases due to the dome structure being left in place. The plant cylinders, containing services equipment, and some piles used for the original dome, were reused. Financial consulting was provided by WT Partnership and EC Harris. The Waterfront partnership provided legal support for the development and continues to do so for The O2. Kerzner International helped with the development of the entertainment venues.

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