Wednesday, 13 August 2008

O2 Arena - Millenium Dome

The Millennium Dome, often referred to simply as The Dome, is the original name of a large dome-shaped building, originally used to house the Millennium Experience, a major exhibition celebrating the beginning of the third millennium. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula in south-east London, England, the exhibition opened to the public on January 1, 2000 and ran until December 31, 2000. The project and exhibition was the subject of significant political controversy as it failed to attract the number of guests expected, leading to frequent financial problems.

While all of the original exhibition and associated complex has since been demolished, the canopy or shell of the dome still exists, and it is now a key exterior feature of the The O2 entertainment district.

The dome is served by North Greenwich tube station on the Jubilee Line, as well as by a fast catamaran from QEII Pier to central London operated by Thames Clipper as part of London River Services. A bus station is integrated into the tube station, providing bus services to south and east London.

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