Sunday, 24 April 2011

Luke Robinson signing is set for bright lights of O2 Arena

NEW Frank Warren to be feeling a little bit nervous to signing Luke Robinson.

The 20 years old from Cardiff was getting ready for his second pro fight in Newport on May 7.

But instead, the former world featherweight champion Steve's son, now two weeks after London O2 Arena itself for strong light is readying.

That’s because light-welterweight Robinson will be fighting journeyman Johnny Greaves on the undercard of Warren’s massive show headlined by Nathan Cleverly’s tilt at the WBO light heavyweight crown.

When looking for young George and Dragon Promotions can opt out of the deal with, they Warne with pen to paper on a three-year contract given.

Robinson as next month with O2 with cunning action will be one of three Welshmen,, Lewis Rees a blockbuster night of boxing that who is expected to debut on the supporters will be.

Robinson Jnr said, “I’m excited about it. It’s a bit nerve-wracking fighting on such a big show but really exciting.

“It’s a big step up for me.

“It’s a bit different from the Newport Centre and I’ve got to train hard to make sure everything will be all right.

“I will definitely be fit and ready on the night though.

“Everything has been going well since my first fight.

“I’ve upped my training and I’ll have to train harder than ever now, especially being on a big show. But that makes me more determined and motivated to train hard and do well.”

Like how to deal with Warne came about, Robinson admits that the way he is, but it is thought that they did the right thing for my career, I was surprised.

He added, “I was quite surprised at the way it all happened because I haven’t had much amateur experience”.

“They must have seen something in me in my first fight and they showed they were interested. It was too good an opportunity to turn down.

“I was already under contract so I sent my paperwork to Frank Warren’s people to see if I could get out of it and they thought I could and that’s what happened.

“My dad was with Frank and he’s the best promoter in Britain and is a person who can get you to the top.

“He will bring me on, get me the right fights and build me up for the future.”

Dad Steve, who trains his son was in a corner to see out his first points in defeat Craig Dyer is not happy with this agreement.

He said, “Everyone is chuffed Luke has signed with Frank Warren. It’s a good break for him because Frank can get him to the top.

“Luke has got a lot of talent and he is only 20. The plan is to get him better opponents for each fight and build him up for a British title fight in a few years.

“I’m happy with the deal Luke has signed and the way things are going for him.”

Robinson Snr confirmed that his other fighter, Kelly King, also in Newport on May 7 will not feature, rather than on a Frank Maloney show on May 13 fight.

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