Saturday, 12 March 2011

Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock at O2 Arena

Plan B at O2 Arena London on Thursday I was talking to himself, there building a lot more than how long I have stayed at other places was fun.

Beer down small place "rockney" CHAS and Dave duo farewell gig was flying everywhere for. And a rabbit who you, as a snooker mad and Sideboard Song knees up to ten minutes, the old joanna with gems in the process can kill?

A great show of British icons also expertise, and received banter. your music in the game without a good reason for the final 35 years.

CHAS HODGES best rock piano players of all time one is considered. He then gigging with Dave Moore long they can read each other's mind. It's just sad it will be his last tour.

Bass player Dave bravely on the road one last time after the death of his wife's case has decided to kill. They are touring the UK for the next few weeks.

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