Monday, 10 January 2011

Chelsie perform at O2 Arena in UK talent finals competition

Singer Chelsie Tyrell performer into the final 27 of Open Mic UK's under 18 category and he will perform at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday.Talented Chelsie, 16, who has take place on the competition from thousands other hopefuls in the grand final of a national competition.

The Alsager High School pupil sings and performs the piano, said: "I didn't expect to do so well because the competition is a lot harder than I hoped it would be but I managed it. All the acts are so different and now it's being put to a text vote as well so it isn't just about how good you are. I entered the competition to build up my confidence and to be seen by people because you never know who's watching. I think I do have a chance of winning but I don't want to be over confident."

At the three stage of the competition Chelsie has performed between many audiences its just like far performance about his.

The talented youngster can also perform the saxophone and has wowed judges with her renditions of Coldplay's The Scientist, Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars and Katy Perry's Teenage Dream to advance to the final.

In the UK biggest music talent competition is the Open Mic UK in this copetition for singers and artists are not signed.

Grand final winners will have the opportunity to the UK tour.

Michelle Tyrrell parent of Proud are said When she was 11 years old she first released for a talent performer Chelsi.

"We didn't know what part Chelsie had got until we turned up and she was actually Joseph," said the 41-year-old. We're very proud of her and she's built up in confidence over the past couple of years. We told her she was good but she didn't believe it until she did Stoke's Top Talent in 2009. She's been through three heats and beaten 10,000 people so she's done really well. Whatever happens now she's done brilliantly. She's the only one from Staffordshire and the Midlands so she's representing the region."

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