Saturday, 22 August 2009

Michael Jackson memorabilia exhibit to open at London's O2 Arena

Michael Jackson fans may soon need to pack their bags and head to London. where the afresh accepted memorabilia exhibit will open.
Despite his mother's resistance through her attorneys, a judge ruled other then and said the show can go on. (Read more about the accuracy here.)
According to the Associated Press, the president of the company planning an exhibit of Michael Jackson's memorabilia says the show's first stop will be London's O2 Arena.
The London arena is where Jackson was scheduled to open his 50-show "This is It" agreement just before he died in Los Angeles on June 25.
Arts and Exhibitions International President and CEO John Norman told reporters that other two location would be choosed later and that Los Angeles would likely be at the top of the list.
While no one is saying absolutely what items will be on display, one thing is for certain: There are multiple warehouses filled with material and the King of Pop's items promise to entertain family passengers from around the globe.

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